About the MiceMaster System

MiceMaster About

MiceMaster, as per an airline booking system, runs the user through a sequence of platforms helping them to identify their needs, culminating in an overview or final comprehensive brief, which is then ready to be distributed to your company’s preferred suppliers. MiceMaster’s broad supplier database furthermore offers the user a Wild Card quotation. This entails a quote from a venue that may have low occupancy levels or may be very willing to showcase their venue for a specific corporate, in order to gain their approval as a venue.

At the click of a button the brief is submitted to the venues via a dynamic email which easily allows the venue or supplier access to the brief. More importantly the venue or supplier has to complete the MiceMaster quote form online – This in turn enforces a transparent platform by which the suppliers need to consider and simultaneously reveal every last detail to the corporate, ultimately allowing the user to easily compare comprehensive quotes on the same platform – comparing apples with apples.

At the same time MiceMaster is in conversation with the designated procurement, finance and management parties which have been charged with cost saving. Even at this stage in the process alarm bells are triggered if potential expenditure is non-compliant or unauthorised.

In other words, at any given time, the user as well as procurement or finance are kept abreast of potential expenditure in real-time with MiceMaster alerts. Inherently holding the greater financial corporate strategy in sight at all times.

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As the selected or preferred venues and suppliers submit their quotations via MiceMaster, the user is alerted to the incoming quotes and can subsequently immediately access them for review. The system also includes a quote functionality allowing the venue to give the tender their best shot by not only quoting competitively but by also submitting brochures, menus and other marketing documentation via the system.

Upon receipt of the supplier submissions, the user is able to easily see where true value lies and can subsequently request authorisation from a designated manager (who is also privy to the supplier’s quote submissions). Consequently the user inputs all the information simultaneously, such as the designated authorisation levels, SAP, Oracle or other platform Purchase Order details required to process an order.

Even at this late stage the system is still enforcing honesty and transparency by demanding a short motivation of why a particular venue for example is being awarded the contract. MiceMaster also archives event and conference details as many conferences or events are repeated with different dates and slight changes; requiring organisers to repeat the same laborious task of organising. MiceMaster clones historical events allowing the user to quickly edit the details and re-brief all concerned parties. This function vastly improves the organiser’s work rate and efficiency.

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As MiceMaster triggers an order to a venue or supplier, it automatically informs the other parties who pitched on the event that the contract has been awarded. MiceMaster furthermore records and processes additional and unplanned-for costs and expenses, ultimately giving financial departments the MIS they have always dreamed of. A MiceMaster key indicator is the Cost per Delegate (CPD) function, which calculates what your conference is costing per delegate per day including food, accommodation, travel etc.

For corporates, being able to analyse average CPD’s and being alerted when they are outside the company’s acceptable costs has been blue sky thinking but is now a reality. For procurement departments being told we had to accept this venue’s quote ‘because we ran so short of time’, they can now see who actioned what and when. Holding the people accountable for their actions is a major advance in MICE management. Furthermore, to be able to request a Sales Department MICE report for a specific time period and specific hotel group as well as all other subsidiary suppliers is invaluable.

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