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MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events) is currently the fastest growing travel sector in South Africa. For many companies the millions spent on MICE business remains a vague unknown amount with laborious processes, excessive mark-ups from middle-men and little sign of sound procurement and financial management strategies. MiceMaster automates the process of booking a conference, meeting or event, allowing you to easily build detailed accurate briefs, find appropriate venues

and standardise hotel quotes. MiceMaster tracks all communication and financial transactions for users, procurement and finance departments and allows for authorisation processes that are unique to your company, all on a single and secure online platform. MiceMaster talks to your procurement department and allows users to easily identify who, how much and why your company is about to spend on MICE business and delivers multiple reports on on-going expenditure.

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Event Planner Benefits

  • Save Time

    Vastly reduce time consuming email and telephone communications.

  • Create Detailed Briefs

    Easily create detailed, accurate supplier briefs in minutes and browse and find suitable venues.

  • Clone Briefs

    Clone and update briefs in seconds as event details change and inform suppliers in real-time.

  • Get Uniform Quotes

    View supplier quotes on a uniform platform. All quotes follow the same format, making it easier to find where the true value lies.

  • Authorise Expenditure

    Fast-track expenditure authorisations, issue orders and track additional expenditure all in real-time.

Management Benefits

  • See Whats Out There

    See briefs and supplier quotes in real-time and stop rogue or non-compliant behaviour before it happens.

  • Budget Tracking

    Reduced financial and legal risk due to tighter controls on expenditure.

  • Detailed Reporting

    The detailed MICE reporting module provides accurate MIS and reduces reconciliation time.

  • Total Authorisation Control

    Control supplier chain and authorisations with real-time views of all user quote requests, additional spend and orders.

  • Drive Transparency

    Drives supplier transparency and reduces hidden costs while enforcing total compliance to corporate procurement policy.


Procurement Benefits

  • Procurement Strategy

    Your MICE procurement strategy can be both developed and enforced with MiceMaster.

  • Opportunity to Negotiate

    Access to detailed reporting creates opportunity for supplier volume discount negotiation.

  • BBBEE Expenditure

    BBBEE expenditure managed and increased by directing spend via the system.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Real-time notification of potential and placed orders improves cash flow and cash flow management.

  • Supplier Contracts Control

    Tighter control of supplier contracts and legalities creates cost-saving opportunities for your company.

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Mice AcademyThe essence of any successful event is effective planning controls. Acronyms such as ROO (Return on Objectives) and ROI (Return on Investment) are not buzz initials. These are the serious justifiable results which protect the brand to a multitude of audiences. The tried & tested MiceMaster system ensures successful bottom-line success. Ensure ROI with MiceMaster.

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Helen BrewerManaging Director - The MICE Academy